Fire Doors: What You Need to Know

Fire doors are designed to delay the spread of smoke and fire through a building, while also allowing for the free flow of people around the space and a quick exit in the event of an emergency. If you are considering installing fire doors in your workplace, it is important that you understand how a fire door differs from a standard door and the additional components which are fitted to the fire doors when they are manufactured. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about fire doors.

Fire Door Seals

One of the major differences between a standard door and a fire door are the seals which are placed around the door. Fire doors have intumescent seals, which are designed to expand when heated. In the event of a fire in your workplace, the seals will expand as the fire warms the door, completely filling the space between the fire door and the door frame. The expanded seal will help to prevent the fire from breaching the door. It will also help to stop smoke from escaping the site of the fire while also preventing fresh air from entering the room and feeding the fire.

Fire Resistant Glass

If you wish to install a fire door which features a window, it is important that it is glazed with fire-resistant glass. Fire-resistant glass is specially tempered during production so it can withstand the heat of a fire without cracking or smashing. This strength is necessary because if the glass within a fire door breaks, it will compromise the entire door and allow smoke and fire to spread through the building.

Automatic Door Closer

If the fire door is going to be located in an area of your workplace which receives a significant amount of footfall, you should consider installing an automatic door closer. An automatic door closer will prevent your employees from accidentally leaving the fire door open.


You should also ensure that the door features adequate signage which will make people aware that the door is a fire door which should be kept closed when not in use. You should also instal an arrow directing people to the nearest exit. You may also wish to include a sign which warns people not to prop the door open with heavy objects.

Protecting your staff and customers from fire is important. If you would like further information about fire doors and fire safety, contact a professional fire safety contractor.